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Everyone talks about startups, transformation and company building in the digital age. But only a few players in the market know how it is really done.

Having built and invested in dozens of startups in more than 10 years, we gathered a lot of learnings and knowledge about digital business models.

We as entrepreneurs want to share our experience and help corporates and family businesses to seize new opportunities in the digital sphere. We analyze the status quo, take a fresh view on your current structure and develop new, creative and unconventional strategies for your specific needs in the market.

Our Company Building Framework

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Market Analysis

A thorough analysis of various business models allows us to identify and conceptualize configurations compatible with your specific needs.

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Rapid Prototyping

Having identified potentially successful models we create prototypes and test them against current market conditions, following a trial and error approach.

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Development & Scaling

Under the umbrella of agile development, we build and scale promising prototypes and continuously adjust and improve them according to the specific market needs.

Our Service:

Building Digital Structures

We design cost-effective cloud management solutions that fit the company’s needs and are a preferred AWS partner. Additionally we offer data warehousing structure setups involving automated provisioning and deployment as well as high load solutions, optimization and cluster scaling. We build cloud infrastructures, backends and frontends for any desired Android or iOS App or web application and deliver in time.

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We articulate corporate identities clearly, ensure that marketing content is coherent with the company’s image and at the same time newsworthy and shareable. With media trainings and elegant website designs we make sure your company profile complies to today's most sophisticated digital standards. We also organize and conduct events off site, and here at our MAKERS rooftop terrace.

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Design & UX / UI

We design wireframes, built app-prototypes, landing pages and web application, carefully considering our clients needs every step of the way. We also develop Wordpress websites with individual CMS requirements. Also, we provide you with a strong visual identity including logo, basic office equipment, print ready documents, animated or static visual material for display ads or as social media assets and presentation samples.

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Online Marketing & User Acquisition

In order to reach the right target audience, we analyze your product and your market environment, develop marketing strategies and define the right marketing channels. We offer customized LinkedIn and Facebook marketing as well as SEM campaigns, track and evaluate all marketing efforts and update our clients on the campaign’s progress. Of course, we are happy to conduct health checks for existing campaigns as well.

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People and Culture

We create sustainable corporate cultures right from start by providing training and support for on- and offboarding, defining core company values with high identification potential as well implementing feedback processes, satisfaction reviews and benefits programs for employees. We also support you when it comes to recruiting the right minds for your undertaking.


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